Events in the Botanical Garden

Events take place throughout the year at the Botanical Garden. The event calendar consists of a number of half and full-day events, which are usually put on in cooperation with external partners. Guided tours in the Loki-Schmidt greenhouses take place every second Sunday year-round. In summer months (April–October) there are tours in the outdoor garden as well as the greenhouses.

Lectures, excursions, plant identification exercises, and field work on the topic of flora and vegetation of Northeast Germany are offered by the ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geobotanik Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’ (geobotany work group of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) and the ‘Naturschutzbund Deutschland’ (Nature Conservation Union of Germany).

Special events like the spring fest, the long night of sciences, the Low German book day and the mushroom and fungus exhibition of the State of Mecklenburg West-Pomerania keep things interesting at the garden. They are sustained by the Friends of the Botanical Garden that offer an additional program of events to their members. Except for specially arranged guided tours, all events are in German.