How to Find Us

With public transport:
S-Bahn S1, S2, or S3, Trams 1, 2, or 5, or Bus 28 to S Holbeinplatz station

By car:
Parking is available around Hans-Sachs-Allee 49 (18057 Rostock) or Tschaikowskistrasse (18069 Rostock)

Visitors' entrance is located on Hamburger Strasse across from the Holbeinplatz transit station
Delivery entrance is located on Hans-Sachs-Allee 49 (near Holbeinplatz), 18057 Rostock

Postal Address
University of Rostock, Botanical Garden, Schwaansche Strasse 2, D-18055 Rostock

Opening Hours

Outdoor Garden
March 1 through October 31
Monday–Friday 7:00 am–7:00 pm
Weekends, Holidays 9:00 am–7:00 pm

Loki-Schmidt Greenhouses
Monday–Thursday 10:00 am–12:30 pm, and 1:00 pm–3:00 pm
Closed Friday–Sunday and Holidays

During shortened winter opening from November through February, the garden is open 9 am–4 pm.

Timetable Inquiry Public Transportation

Guided Tours

Tours in German are offered nearly every Sunday at 2 pm, tours in English are available upon request. We thank you for a personal contribution on a donation basis. Minimum age in children's groups 5 years.
Please send requests for tours to our secretary Mrs. Wunder: botanischer.garten(at), phone +49(0)381-498-6250.

At the garden entrance, be sure to pick up a free brochure about the Botanical Garden, or, in the greenhouse, a colorful and photo-filled booklet about the Loki Schmidt Greenhouses. A brochure with plant names in Low German is also free of charge in cooperation with the association for Low German “Klönsnack-Rostocker 7”.

Public restrooms are available.

Wireless Networks in the Botanical Garden

For purposes of teaching and education as well as providing information in general, the wireless networks of the University of Rostock can be used in the greenhouses and in several parts of the outdoor garden. While the site of the Botanical Garden is freely available, you are requested to log in with a University user ID to access the entire Internet. Members of other education and research institutions being part of the eduroam network get access to the entire Internet by logging in once to the eduroam network with the user ID of their home institution.

Visitor's Regulations

  • Utilization of the Botanical Garden is at your own risk, particularly in the case of stormy weather, snow or ice. No liability can be accepted for accidents. We especially caution you about touching or consuming parts of poisonous plants!
  • Removal of plants or parts of plants is prohibited in general and may be prosecuted! Some plants are very difficult to replace or are of paramount importance for purposes of research or species conservation, so any loss should be avoided. The number of poisonous or allergenic plants from around the world is high, they are often indicated by red labels. Yellow labels denote ex-situ conservation of plant taxa threatend by extinction and require extreme caution.
  • Children up to 14 years of age may access the garden only when accompanied by an adult. Adults are responsible for the behavior of children. Groups of more than 15 children need to be accompanied by more than one adult. Teachers are asked to notify the garden administration about visits of school classes.
  • You may walk on mowed lawn areas, but walking on unmown meadow areas is prohibited. A meadow section that is stamped down once does not straighten up again and becomes worthless as plants will not continue to develop normally.
  • Please do not ride or push bikes through the garden. Please use the bicycle stands provided at the entrance. Parking bikes in other areas may cause damage to valuable plants.
  • Dogs must stay outside, please.
  • Please don't feed animals! This leads to nutrient input and excessive plant growth and can cause the development of putrid slime in the waters.
  • Please follow the directions by the staff and do your part to maintain the facilities and valuable plants of the Botanical Garden.
  • Admission is free.

    Thank you for your visit!