May 16, 2021–2022: „Day of Light“ in the Botanical Garden: Art and Science Light Things up

The Institute of Physics at Rostock University takes part in the international Day of Light, in partnership with the Chair of Botany and Botanical Garden and the Rostock Art Association. Starting with a guided tour with the artists on May 16, 10 pm, exposures by Lars Heidemann, Marc W1353L and Tino Bittner could be seen in the Botanical Garden, creating a link between art and current science, in our case on "resurrection plants", among others. The Day of Light represents a dialogue between art and sciene on the subject of light, which passes into a visible process that was continued until May 16, 2022.


Study for the upcoming Day of Light by Marc W1353L, 02/15/2022. Photos: Thomas Häntzschel, Rostock Art Association

Public presentation of the artistic positions on May 16, 2022. Photos: Thomas Häntzschel