Friends of Rostock Botanical Garden


The association Friends of Rostock Botanical Garden e. V. was founded in November 1995 and has been growing ever since. We welcome all those that are interested in joining us!

Sea holly (Eryngium maritimum)


The Friends of Rostock Botanical Garden is a non-profit group that helps support the University of Rostock Botanical Garden. We serve as a way for the public to become more involved in the values and goals of the botanical garden, such as the research and conservation of important and rare plants, and also to further appreciation for plant biodiversity in the natural world. Visitors of the botanical garden, as well as the general public, should become inspired to join the Friends of the Botanical Garden in the advancement and support of this fine institution. Furthermore, our group promotes the interests of the garden as a lobby group in pulbic arenas and tries to attract other supporters and sponsors.


The Friends of Rostock Botanical Garden regularly hold events like presentations, exhibitions, and guided tours, as well as practical demonstrations and excursions to similar institutions. In this way, we strive to create a forum for those interested in botany!


Chairperson: Dr. Anja Berndt

Vice Chairman: Ronald Piechulek
Phone office 0381-12831362, home 0381-6863204

Treasurer: Christina Singer

Secretary: Dr. Dethardt Goetze
Phone 0381-498-6255


Phone +49(0)381-498-6255