Respecting and Protecting Diversity – Welcome to Rostock Botanical Garden

Respecting and Protecting Diversity – Welcome to Rostock Botanical Garden

Job Offer Gardener Horticulture and Landscaping

We are in need of an experienced gardener with specialization in horticulture and landscaping to start as soon as possible! For detailed information please refer to this page.

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Mushroom Consultation for Collectors

Each Saturday and Sunday, 2–6 pm

Workshops on Macrophotography, April 8 through October 7

On Friday evenings in the Botanical Garden, with Julia Boldt (in German)

Sculpture "Biological Station" by Armarinhos Teixeira

Opposite to the Loki-Schmidt greenhouses, the sculpture Biological Station by artist Armarinhos Teixeira has been installed, intended to represent a rescue station for flora and fauna in the coming years. This station will lead to the establishment of a human-made biological institution for the protection of biodiversity in the wake of nature. The station is the first of a series intended to be installed in various biomes around the world. The artist's video is to give us an idea.

The work proposes to identify areas around the world in need of protection and conservation studies, linked to the emerging biomes and morphology. It is part of the work Biomas (Biomes) aiming to draw attention to the fact that conservation of biomes and discussion about sustainability should not take place without interaction of science and art. It illustrates the vast expanse of Bio Art through visual and sonic means that take people to the original context of different Brazilian and German biomes, known for their size and diversity. Through visual and immersive means, visitors are confronted with the original and different habitats of these two countries that, despite their peculiarities, have the same requirements.

The artist Armarinhos Teixeira was born in 1974 in São Paulo where he is living and working. In his works he idealizes the exploration of aesthetics and sustainability to show how artistic practices do contribute not only to the conservation of the planet but also to its understanding. The sculpture was realized with support by the Instituto Iadê de Arte e Design (Iade) and ORION-E Sustainable Energy in São Paulo, Brasil. This installation is part of the exhibition On Water and Plants by Rostock Art Museum from Ocotber 1 to November 27, 2022, that the Department of Botany and Botanical Garden at Rostock University is a partner of.

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Living diversity at Rostock University – Diversity makes you feel alive


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